Swan Towel Dogs of the Mexican Riviera

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Kudos to comic, and swan towel fan, Extreme Maggie, for bringing me back to my roots of blogging about swan towels.  On her recent trip to the Mexican Riviera, what is thought to be the birth place of swantoweling, she captured a variation on the swan towel at Dreams, Puerto Aventuras:

The Dog Towel

A feature I noticed in addition to the eye and nose/mouth stickers, was how the toweler made the towel’s  tag look like the dog’s own tag that may appear on a collar.  Brilliant! Perhaps this is why so many consider the Mexican Riviera the Mecca of toweling.  Thanks for the great photos Maggie!

Puerto Vallarta delivers again! Today it’s a dog towel.

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towelelephantThis dog towel appeared today somewhere in a room in the Villa Primier Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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