Adil Ray’s Swan Towels of Egypt

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As the author of the only swan towel/towel swan blog in the world,  I believe that I have the duty to point out new and innovative aspects of the swan towel, yet even more important  is to be accurate about the genre.  I have long believed that Mexico is the birthplace of the swan towel; however, I may have been wrong about this.

Imagine my shock and delight when I saw celebrity BBC Asian Network  radio personality,  Adil Ray, posted photos on his blog about a swan towel he found gracing his bed in a 5 star hotel in Egypt.  I immediately contacted his publicist and agent to get permission to post these photos not only for the pure interest such celebrity photos attract, but also for the proof that swan towels exist in Egypt. Take a look at the towel swan swan towel Adil Ray found on the bed.  It’s not as proud and majestic as many of the towel swans I’ve seen, yet it does possess a quiet dignity that can’t be disputed. Regard:

When I was able to contact Mr. Ray  he  confirmed that  many  believe that swan towels originated in  Egypt, (Not Mexico!?) but even more importantly he helped to raise my awareness  about the plight of the swan towel.

It sort of reminds me of how I didn’t really know about poverty and disease in Africa until Bono talked about it, or how I’d heard of that hurricane Katrina that hit the US, but didn’t know how much damage there was until Brad Pitt went down to Louisiana to help rebuild homes.  And whoever even heard about land mines until Princess Diana raised awareness?  It takes celebrity attention to help raise awareness for important causes to people who aren’t really paying attention, people like me, and maybe people like you.  Please listen next time Adil Ray speaks out about swan towels and raise your awareness, since like he says…

While we’re on the subject of swan towels (or is that towel swans) what do you think they should be called?   I’d love to know your opinion, so please vote here!

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