Swan towels: from the bedroom to the dining room

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I am accustomed to seeing my swan towels in the bedroom, but swan towels aren’t just for the bedroom anymore! More and more swan towels are coming out of the bedroom.

Here’s are some how-to videos from the Riviera Maya area of Mexico giving further proof that swan toweling is a rich tradition in that region.

Note how the swan towel (towel swan) has moved from its traditional home in the bedroom into the dining area. What’s next?

Take a moment to observe the swan towel in the form of a napkin in the dining room habitat:

Thanks to semi professional swan towel hunter, extreme maggie, for these exclusive videos.

Swan Towel Dogs of the Mexican Riviera

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Kudos to comic, and swan towel fan, Extreme Maggie, for bringing me back to my roots of blogging about swan towels.  On her recent trip to the Mexican Riviera, what is thought to be the birth place of swantoweling, she captured a variation on the swan towel at Dreams, Puerto Aventuras:

The Dog Towel

A feature I noticed in addition to the eye and nose/mouth stickers, was how the toweler made the towel’s  tag look like the dog’s own tag that may appear on a collar.  Brilliant! Perhaps this is why so many consider the Mexican Riviera the Mecca of toweling.  Thanks for the great photos Maggie!

2 bunny swan towels in Puerto Vallarta!

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In my post yesterday, after seeing the bunny towel photo my friend sent from Puerto Vallarta, I suggested

You can go through more photos of this place and maybe find more fancy hotel toweling antics HERE.

I followed my own suggestion and found another bunny towel sculpture! Or shall I say sculptureS since this time it was of 2 bunnies, complete with eye and nose stickers.  This picture was titled nice extras


I wonder what the note the bunnies are sitting near said. These bunny towels appeared in the Villa Primier Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

From the comfort of your own home, using your very own towels!

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I don’t want you to think that the swan towel is something reserved just for hotel stays. You too can earn to make these towel creations! Why just put out a guest towel?

Go ahead, add that special touch to your guest room, even add a bit of romance.

I don’t want to advertise here on Swan Towels, but I have to make a rare exception for this:


I want to blog about swan towels!

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I want to blog about swan towels! The first time I saw a swan towel sitting on a hotel bed I was surprised! What was I supposed to do with it? I didn’t want to disrespect the work of the towel artist, who I assumed was the hotel maid, so I carefully carried it over to the chest of drawers and set it there. But then I thought that maybe this would insult the maid, that I didn’t even bother to used the towel, especially crafted for me. This is how my interest in swan toweling began. Please visit the about page to read more on this art and look forward to more photos and thoughts on swan towels!

I almost forgot to mention, as these photos show, swan towels are often adored with flowers and flower petals.

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